Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Fall In Love With Me

Cabbed down with Jiexin to the venue early in the morning and surprisingly, we were the first ones to reach. Was quite shocked so we walked every single spot to see if there were any fans around. Gave up in the end since there was no one at all and we waited for Feiyun and Jerlyn to reach. Got chased by the guards after that as they said that the mall was not fully opened so we went to get our mac breakfast. Then we went back again after buying hahaha but it was opened already.

With the pretty ladies while waiting. Played our childhood card games such as Happy Family, Old Maid, UNO and Monopoly Deal. Really enjoyed the fangirl-ing moments with them. Can't wait to see them in October again!

Yes, we were dressed up in jerseys for the event. -people judging us again lol-

Did not go to the airport to fetch him this time round because it was too hard for us to leave and there were two xmms behind us who kept wanting to cut the queue. Seriously, I really cannot stand them because they kept moving forward bits by bits. When the event started, one of them held the barricade in front of me, trying to squeeze me flat. She must be thinking that I was super skinny and I did not need so much space...

So after 1 year and 7 months.....


He has became so skinny and humorous now. So so handsome.... ♥.

Just nice he was looking at my direction when he was trying to imitating a fan who looked as though she saw a ghost HAHAHA. Kua tio gui.

Seeing his smile is the best thing ever throughout the two days.

Met the two pretty girls when we were at the lobby after the event. Was so tired on that day hence we went home at 11+p.m instead.

Had a few hours of sleep only and I went to the airport with Jiexin the next day. So the process was waiting and waiting again. 

My camera hated me at that point of time. I was supposed to film videos and in the end, I accidentally took a few pictures. Ok it was my fault because I was very blur that I pressed another button heheh.

So near yet so far.

The event was definitely not the best one that we have attended because it ended within an hour and he did not get a chance to sing his new songs in the drama. (That 30 seconds or so when he sang for the fan was not counted.) Somemore, there were not much interactions while chasing him heh. But I still feel so thankful to have the girls with me. They have made my fangirl life more colourful. See you all again soon.

We will meet in October....

I don't know what I have been typing because I am doing my work now hahaha. Two more days of internship~

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy 25th, my pretty lady.

Thank you for everything, you are such a kind and nice idol. ♥♥♥

Monday, July 28, 2014

I don't dress up for anyone but for myself.


Finally met the pretty girl girl again! Had a lot of fun with her as usual, but the weather was too warm for us. Can't wait to meet her again SOON LOL.

Not the lighting that we really wanted, maybe it was due to the sunlight that day.

Hahaha, my outing with bff. We were actually doing stupid things for our video diary hahaha.

This was then the lighting that we wanted but we were too tired to continue... :(

Mixed feelings after knowing someone is coming soon. I am feeling so unprepared this time round because the news came too sudden even though we have waited for one year plus. & we left almost three weeks to his arrival but the details are still not fully released yet.
Sigh.... So stressed about everything now. Work, studies and whatever you can name it.