Monday, September 29, 2014



Gotten The Aaron Time DVD recently. Love the feeling of getting his new albums everytime, it is like opening a present. The DVD consists of 9 MVs and 4 episodes of The Aaron Time. Almost all of them are already uploaded online for quite a while, except for 大智若娛 and 現在開始, which I really like even though they are made up of cuts from different scenes. Simplicity is the best to me hehehe. Another MV that is also in the "MUST WATCH" list is 一刀不剪 because he is finally dancing again after so long. I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE TO SEE HIM DANCE LOL. For The Aaron Time, I am a bit disappointed as I was expecting more episodes or parts that are related more towards his personal life than his albums and drama...

& Run, Aaron, Run begins..

My favourite picture out of all because of his smile.

Also bought the two albums previously. Love most of the songs and I had been looking forward to buy these after listening them in the first few episodes of Fall In Love with Me in April. They are my type of tea.

Favourite songs: 1/2, 這不是我, 多餘的我, 沒規矩, 唯一的玫瑰 and 擋不住的太陽. HAHAHA, it is basically all the songs. However, I don't really like the concept of Drama though, as in his outfits and etc..

Moving on to the next one, my favourite songs are... Fine, almost everything again LOL but maybe not much love to 現在開始.

See you in 19 days~ I still hope there will be an autograph session this time...

Sunday, September 28, 2014



First time heading out with Gina hehe. Had a great day with her even though it might be awkward sometimes when both of us ended up quiet hahaha. By the way, I really want to thank her for waking up early to meet me as compared to her usual timing because I had something on afterwards. Xie xie ni if you are reading this!
Had our brunch at Drury Lane Cafe at Tanjong Pagar area. Ordered Bacon Baked Eggs and Orange Juice. The food did not look appealing but it tasted quite nice to me.

Went to town after that to walk around and satisfy our cravings for LlaoLlao. Hahaha I keep eating it recently. Ended our day with the pictures! Hope to see her soon, which will definitely be next month!! ;)
Really love her camera as every picture turned up to be so nice!!!

My awkward moment again LOL.


Met up with my poly clique for Phyllis's belated birthday celebration. We were planning to go to Tim Ho Wan but we changed our mind when we were almost done with the queue. Headed to Nana's Green Tea for lunch instead and then Marble Slab Creamery in the late afternoon before Phyllis went for work. A fun chit-chatting session with them throughout the whole day, we always can talk a lot of crap hahaha.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What will it be like if we do not know each other.

Headband Craze 

Finally a outing among the three of us after so long again. Had so much fun with them even though I think I ate too much hahaha. My virgin trip to try Eighteen Chefs and Jiexin's virgin trip to eat LlaoLlao. Also our first time eating Maki-san, can you imagine how much have we eaten!!! Not including our popcorn for the movie LOL. Can't wait to see them again next month!!!

Did not managed to take pictures with nice lighting throughout the day as we started our camwhore session in the late evening heheh.

As I was looking through the pictures, there was one picture which was super creepy?? At one moment, I only saw one shoe coming out from my skirt when I stood. Then when I refreshed it the next second, I saw two shoes. Then the situation kept repeating so I decided not to upload it anymore.

Ending my post with a candid picture of me looking at birds or trees LOL and I am off to watch Daddy Where Are You Going Season 2. Omg, 姐姐 and Joe are seriously cute please.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

We are like two parallel lines.

Black x Holographic

Had a great time with my dear bff yesterday. Thanks for bringing me to explore another area of Singapore that I had not gone before. The weather was killing us when we were on our way there and there was a distance to the shops from the mrt station. Headed to Poteato for lunch but it was disappointing that only light bites were available when we reached as I wanted to try their main course. In the end, we ordered Truffle Fries and Classic Chicken Wings. My favourite fries~

Afterwards, we moved on to Plain Vanilla Bakery nearby for pictures hehe. Not a fan of cupcakes so we had the tart and .... (I forgot what was that called but it was nice.)

Hehehe was trying out the new filters in my laptop.

Went to the bookstore at town in the evening for....


Coincidentally met Huishan and Vanessa twice in the day. Miss the girls so much! Btw I finally ate Llao Llao and it was really -thumb up-. Love how the toppings and sauce are mixed together with the yogurt.

Love my dear @ontaechan. See you soon again~

ps. I don't know what I am typing after the first part of my post because I am so tired now hahaha.