Saturday, April 18, 2015



I wish I do not trouble/think too much.
I hope I can be more optimistic.
I want my life to be a smooth sailing one. 
Who don't?

Realised the colour that I dyed recently only appeared under the sunlight, but now it has faded. Too fast please...

Going to plan something for myself this time round. It will be a successful one, I think hahaha.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A different kind of you.

Officially started work recently. Guess that I am still not used to it as I have not worked ever since my internship last year. My face was totally shag throughout the whole week hahaha. Also, a few things happened which really bothered me... Sigh... But now, the main point is I will not be looking forward to every Monday lol.

Headed to Pearlyn's birthday party two weeks back and it was the first 21st that I have attended among my friends. Really thanked her for the invitation as I had a lot of fun with them on that day. Glad that the four of us still keep in contact with one another although we have graduated from dance a few years ago. Can't wait for more catch-up sessions soon!

Like this shot more even though we were looking at the other camera hehehe.

The birthday party theme was white and pink so I wore white because I cannot find any pink blouses or dresses in my wardrobe. Do not know why as I used to like pink a lot?!

Within the month, I also went to Seoul Yummy for their Army's Stew twice. Kind of crazy but I lost interest in it after that because it was a bit pricey to me (total price including GST and service charge). Somemore I only like the soup, others were soso only.

Think this dessert, Patjook, tasted better when it was warm as compared to cold.

My #ootd.

& I also received my favourite on that day.


First time getting her signature!! (Indirectly though hahaha)

Simple words and doodles on each page.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

GEM 10.

GEM 10: The Great Escape of The Lost Boy

A few weeks back, Jiexin and I headed to GEM 10 concert to support Brenda.

I was glad that both of us managed to get the front seats albeit we reached a few minutes right before the performance started until... The first thought that came into my mind was oh shit hahaha because of a few scenes when the performers were screaming, running around and 'fighting'. Was kind of chuatio because it was too real... But it also showed that they put in a lot of effort. -thumb up- *applause*

Found Rachael sitting right behind me after the performance. LOL we did not realise it all till I saw her helping other people to take photos. Ah.... Really miss her and other dancers so much!!

With the star of the day.

Needless to say, you are still as pretty and awesome as usual on the stage. Love you.

Dinner with Jiexin afterwards and I finally ate tom yum ramen at Ajisen. Wanted to try it previously but I was afraid that it would be too spicy for me.

With the girl after dinner!

Before going to school for the concert, we went to Runway Bandits Warehouse Sales. It started at 11a.m so we reached there slightly earlier, around 10+a.m. There was a number of people queuing so we thought that we might not be able to get in as the concert was going to start at 3p.m and only 20 shoppers were allowed to enter with a duration of 30 minutes each time, another 10-15 minutes for the staff to prepare the stocks.  But luckily, we still managed to get in right before the timing we intended to leave.

Goodies for the first 150 customers! :)

& here's what I have gotten. The belt was a free door gift from the online store and this is currently my best experience at warehouse sales. It was my first time buying from Runway Bandits and I really love what I have bought. The items were reasonably priced and their service was so awesome! Besides those gifts, they also prepared drinks and gave them out to everyone who was queuing after each batch of customers entered. So thoughtful of them! Yay to these loots and thank you Jiexin for telling me about this sales!