Monday, February 23, 2015

CNY 2015.

Planned to do manicure at first but I changed my mind at the very last minute. Too lazy to head out alone and sit at the shop waiting for my nails to be done for a few hours. So.... I ended up painting my nails by myself. Really love the shades of blue for my toe nails.


Woke up at 7+a.m and I was really wondering why I was awake so early... Was so hungry early in the morning after I bathed but we still headed to the temple to pray first before Mummy went home to cook. My favourite meal out of those few days. Vegetarian food: Bee hoon, mushrooms with fa cai, beancurds and zai er. Ate two bowls within the few hours of waiting.
Starting of the day every year was to wait for relatives visiting my house. While waiting, Mr Handsome appeared on the CNY special programme on Channel 8. My heart skipped a beat when I watched it the night before. Who will expect him to film this in November hahaha.

#ootd for day one.  After waiting for the rest to come over my house at 3+p.m, we headed to a temple for praying and three houses for visiting. So tired....

Not sure how long I have not seen this girl.... Both of us were too busy with our life. & I seriously cannot open my eyes to take pictures while facing the sunlight.


On my way to Malaysia. Woke up at 7a.m when I slept at 12+a.m the night before. So so so tired please... 

Headed to Starbucks at City Square to get Green Tea Latte and I realised there were quite a number of new shops now as compared to the past. Maybe it has been too long since I went there for shopping. Ok I cannot stand my mummy because she took my Starbucks and gave the kids to drink first before I even gotten a sip. Seriously... I am not even close to them and my drink already had saliva from so many people whom I do not really know...

Reached home at 4+p.m and the moment I opened the door, I was like "OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM BACK HOME... :')"  Then my mummy lol-ed because she said that no wonder my face changed when my relatives living there told me to go there more often.

#ootd for day two.

Too much wind.

Picture with mummy before we started our visiting in SG.

With this girl again. We looked so shag hahaha.


Went to Brenda's house to bai nian before we headed out together. Her mummy was too cute and nice hehehe. 

So we went to the airport for some pictures....

Our white #ootd for day three. 

Yay love our welfie this time round.

I felt like I was going to attend a wedding on that day hahaha.

Good lighting for pictures heh. I will be back here in a few days time..

Watched Triumph in the Skies at GV. We were late for the movie by fifteen minutes lolol. Was quite disappointed about the movie because it was more of a romance movie rather than focusing on the aviation area.

Back to my house with Brenda for visiting after the movie and my mummy cooked korean fried rice. Of course not the authentic one because of the spiciness.


 #ootd on day four.

So my mummy helped me to tie the braids again because I hate my fringe now. Waited for relatives to come over my house for visiting before we went to other places. Felt super shag that everyone could even see that I was so tired but..... YAY I FINISHED ALL THE VISITINGS.

Felt so happy when a number of people said that I have slimmed down during those few days. But I have gained 0.4kg now, thanks to the goodies hahaha.

Friday, February 13, 2015

End of Poly Classes.

Read my caption. Yes, I just had my last class of my entire poly life yesterday. Left one exam paper in March and I would be waiting for graduation. No bye bye to TP yet because I would still be there for a few more months.

So these few weeks, I was busy with quizzes, assignments and projects. Even the pictures of the meals below were during project meetings. But oh well, everything has ended.

Our last presentation together. Really enjoyed doing projects with the girls throughout these three years. Their craps have made me laughed a lot hahaha.

& I took these after my CCOM interview. Too happy about it lol.

Last month, the girls and I signed up for some community work. Enjoyed playing games with the senior citizens such as Rummy-O and we also did some baking.

& if you follow me on instagram, you would know that I have dyed my hair to purple red. The colour is not very obvious unless I am under some lightings/sunlight. Not very satisfied with my hair colour now as I think that it looks like reddish brown after one week plus.  

I like the curls that the hairstylist did so I must take a selfie hahaha.

LOL to this random shot captured before I end this post.