Sunday, October 12, 2014

Teenage K-Pop Dance Battle


Jiexin and I were a bit late when we reached Bugis+. Partly was due to my shoes as they were spoilt after I stepped out of the train. Shitty day because it is one of my favourite... Hence, I went to get a new pair of flats asap while Jiexin came to find me after her stuff. Also headed to the florist at Tampines before that but I could not find fresh sunflower. All of them were artificial so we decided to give her another type of artificial flowers instead. It is really difficult to choose one, especially each type and colour have a different meaning. x.x
Lucky Brenda's mum helped us to chop the "seats" (sitting on the floor hahaha). Thank you so much Auntie!!! Did not manage to squeeze into the crowd to meet Auntie during the front part of the competition as there were too many people. (As though we were there to chase someone LOL) Only sat down after a few groups had performed for the open category.

So my job of a photographer started... (Of course not professional hehehe)
OMG HAHAHA SEE HER SHOCKED FACE WHEN SHE FOUND US. According to what she said, she saw her mum first and she found Jiexin was right beside her mum. Then she found someone sitting at the front, holding a camera capturing her. Yes, 没错,就是我了~ 

LOLOL she did not expect us to be there at all. Cause Jiexin told her that she could not make it and I somehow hinted her indirectly that I would not be there too. OOPS~ WHEEE SO HAPPY 我又成功了! xD

Congrats to Brenda and her team for getting the most popular award and the champions!!! You guys did a great job!

When we were waiting to take pictures with Brenda hehe. 

Finally the three of us!!!

So proud of you my girl. See you soon.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


“Dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”

Spent my Thursday with Brenda and I really thanked her for accompanying me to do my hair, also the voucher. Or maybe not because I did scalp treatment instead hahaha. Before that, I have thought for quite long if I should do scalp or hair treatment. Of course, it would be better if I do both but I do not want to sit down there for the whole day. So I chose scalp treatment in the end since I have been dropping a lot of hair lately.
Tried out the salon that she has been going recently. Personally, I think that their service is great and professional. The hair stylist gave me suggestions to change my hairstyle that could let me to 换换心情 or trim it before the other stylist started to help me with the treatment. Chose to trim my hair as I am not prepared yet... (When the time comes, I plan to chop off my hair.) Afterwards, he used a machine to check my scalp so I could see the difference between the before and after effects. & he trimmed the 'inside' portion of my hair at the side only so that it would not look puffy or heavy as I wanted to keep the length. This part made me wow because he was the first person that helped me to do that.
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at that salon. -thumb up- Both hair stylists made the effort to explain about my hair conditions and every step on what they were doing. (Some salons do not bother to do this though..) & I have received positive comments about it because it looks soft now but I do not understand why LOL.
Ps. No picture even though Brenda and I wanted to take one. Still, we gave up hahaha

Roaming on the streets. Love the weather because there was not much sunlight.

Awkward x1000000000000000.

Then I felt slightly better....

& happier.....

In the end, I was getting way too happy till I kept spinning and spinning LOL...

Ending with the picture of my favourite drink from Koi for the time being hehe.

Still troubling the same stuff...

Monday, September 29, 2014



Gotten The Aaron Time DVD recently. Love the feeling of getting his new albums everytime, it is like opening a present. The DVD consists of 9 MVs and 4 episodes of The Aaron Time. Almost all of them are already uploaded online for quite a while, except for 大智若娛 and 現在開始, which I really like even though they are made up of cuts from different scenes. Simplicity is the best to me hehehe. Another MV that is also in the "MUST WATCH" list is 一刀不剪 because he is finally dancing again after so long. I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE TO SEE HIM DANCE LOL. For The Aaron Time, I am a bit disappointed as I was expecting more episodes or parts that are related more towards his personal life than his albums and drama...

& Run, Aaron, Run begins..

My favourite picture out of all because of his smile.

Also bought the two albums previously. Love most of the songs and I had been looking forward to buy these after listening them in the first few episodes of Fall In Love with Me in April. They are my type of tea.

Favourite songs: 1/2, 這不是我, 多餘的我, 沒規矩, 唯一的玫瑰 and 擋不住的太陽. HAHAHA, it is basically all the songs. However, I don't really like the concept of Drama though, as in his outfits and etc..

Moving on to the next one, my favourite songs are... Fine, almost everything again LOL but maybe not much love to 現在開始.

See you in 19 days~ I still hope there will be an autograph session this time...