Monday, July 27, 2015

Gardens by the Bay.


Recently, I purchased a pair of tickets to Gardens by the Bay (inclusive of two conservatories) as the prices are cheaper now due to SG50 promotion. Thus, I headed there with mummy the day before and luckily it was drizzling when we walked towards the garden. Otherwise, the weather would be super hot and intolerable, spoiling our mood of the day.

Beautiful sceneries and flowers while we were on our way to the location.

Our first stop was Flower Dome and we did not expect that it would be so cold inside?! But it was a good thing because we rather feel cold than warm.

The next place that we went was Cloud Forest. The moment we stepped in, we saw the beautiful waterfall.

& I became a little annoyed when a huge group of students, together with their teachers, from xxx on their study trip were so noisy and rude... They were screaming and running past (right in front) people who were posing for pictures, including me. I think that it is alright if a few run pass, however the tempo was one ran, followed by one and one and one. *roll eye* My understanding would only appear for young kids up to 7 or 8 years old, but not when they look like they are already 11 or 12. Moreover, the adults, their teachers and tour guide, also did that. Out of that large group of people, only one teacher walked at the back of those who were taking pictures and not disturbing the public. Hence, we decided to spend more time at a corner so we could stay a distance from that group as there were too many people. Then, when we were at one of the levels stopping by and looking at the waterfall, they came and ran in again. ._.

From the highest level looking down...

Left the garden in the late afternoon and we made our way back to Marina Bay Sands.

More pictures.

We decided to have our dinner at DTF even though there was a long queue, but not as long as those during peak hours. It was kind of sad that we were not given the table where handsome sat previously LOL. (Just joking.)

I always feel that the taste of the dishes are much more nicer at MBS as compared to the outlet in Tampines. Yay to dumplings, yum yum when so much soup leaked out after a bite.

After our meals, we moved on to the travel fair at the exhibition area in the mall and I grabbed a lot of brochures related to Taiwan hahaha. No, I am not travelling at anytime soon so the flyers are only for viewing purposes now. Oh yes, we saw Sugar & Spice setting up a small table there and we thought that they were selling the nougats when they laid them on the table. Sadly, they were not for sale, only for free gift if you like their facebook page.

At the end of the day, we went back to Tampines and ended up having dessert at Paris Baguette Cafe. We got their Strawberry Shortcake and Green Tea Shaved Ice, but I still prefer the one at O'ma Spoon. Ok I think we ate too much throughout the whole day...

Can't wait for more mummy and daughter quality time.